March 20, 2018


Our consulting service

In order to respond adequately to the needs of our various clients, our experts use an analytical approach that allows them to identify the root causes of problems in order to facilitate decision-making. Several tools are at their disposal but they have a preference for the following tools:

Development of a business case

Capability mapping

The Design Thinking Approach

Business Case or Decision package

The Business Case is a tool to gather in a single document all the necessary and relevant elements to choose a solution and start a project to achieve it.

A Business Case can take many forms. It may take the form of an opportunity assessment, a preliminary analysis or a pre-project study. LCG Solution’s consultants will assist you in analyzing needs and gathering information from stakeholders to develop the right Business Case for your situation. They can develop the Business Case or support you in your approach.

Capability mapping

Capability mapping is a business architecture concept that allows you to visualize what the organization does regardless of its organizational structure or the organization of its systems. Several models exist for mapping. In particular, we use the Business Model Canvas.

A mapping of the business capability of the business is essentially a business model that combines the capabilities, processes, and business functions necessary for success with the appropriate resources that enable them to deliver effectively what is required to complete its mission.

The mapping of capabilities is part of a business architecture logic. It is a powerful lever to master the complexity of the processes, structures and technologies that make up the organization. An Enterprise architecture that includes a business architecture translates the vision and strategic directions into a concrete vision for setting the project target with confidence.

LCG Solution consultants will be able to support you in achieving such mapping and the necessary transformation of the organization.

The approach of Design Thinking

Design Thinking’s approach was first and foremost a creative strategy used by designers. It was then explored as an approach to solving problems in organizations. Close to business analysis with regard to problem-solving tools, it tackles issues differently by focusing on the human and user aspects.

Consulting in organizational transformation

The transformation of the organization is one of the main features of a growing organization. The growing complexity of transformation efforts is a challenge that LCG Solution consultants understand. Using business analysis and architectural tools supported by an understanding of project governance, programs and management portfolios, LCG Solution advisors support you in strategic thinking, as well as subsequent stages of planning, organization and implementation.

Program and Portfolio Project Management

Following the principles of the PMI ©, our consultants use the integration of business analysis into our approaches to project management, programs, portfolios and change. Our experienced project management consultants will support you with clear definitions of your projects and an assessment based on a common understanding of business objectives. This will enable you to mobilize your teams in the realization of your strategies.

Project Office

The project office can take different roles in an organization. Here very directive, there only in support, it must answer a real need of the organization and increase the value of the projects. To evolve into a valuable project office, it must be integrated into the organization’s management modes while integrating solid and coherent governance mechanisms.