March 20, 2018


The world of skills assessment is booming, prompted, among other things, by rapid technological change.  In addition, jobs are becoming more specialized and it is becoming increasingly difficult for managers to assess the skills of their resources by themselves.  They turn to field specialists who can assess the skills of resources based on established standards.

Evaluators are usually equipped with templates, spreadsheets and hard-to-understand documents.  These evaluations are costly, time consuming and it is difficult to compare the work of one evaluator with another.  In order to facilitate the transparency and consistency of evaluations, LCG Solution has developed a tool to compile the data collected by the evaluations, compare them with each other and position them against established standards.


The benefits of this tool are numerous:

Easy to understand results

Optimized processes

Pre-validated standards

Integration of psychometric tests

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Interested ?

Interested ?